Setting up your document ready for print

Crop Marks, Bleed, Trim and Safe Area

As most printers do not print edge to edge, setting up your document correctly to be trimmed is a requirement. This is to ensure that your finished print is the exact specifications you need, with no shrinkage and without a white border around the edge.

All text and important information is to be kept inside the safe area and the trim line is where we cut - so make sure your image or background carries into the bleed for a precise and clean trim! 

For example - if you have an A3 poster you would like to be printed with the image or background all the way up to the edge - set up your document as a SRA3 (SRA3 is slightly bigger than an A3 size). We can then cut your poster prescisely to an A3 with the image going all the way to the edge of the page.

Booklet Layout

If your booklet is to be folded, please ensure your document is a multiple of four.
Your file needs to be a PDF, single sided and not saved as a spread.
If your booklet is to be printed edge to edge, please add 3mm bleed to each side.
All important information needs to be at least 0.5mm inside the document.
Adding cutting marks to the document will not necessary.


Paper size guide

A size measurements in millimetre and inches.